About Tasman Capital Limited

Tasman Capital Limited is an investment firm that assists excellent companies to list on the New Zealand stock exchange. Tasman Capital has around 450 shareholders and can use its large shareholder base to list companies in a very cost effective way. In the listing process, Tasman Capital becomes a very committed and long-term shareholder. Tasman Capital has facilitated the listing of several companies and is currently working on several other projects.

Tasman Capital can provide a listing plan for medium size companies that may otherwise find it too difficult or costly to list though a traditional IPO. A listing plan for a small but fast growing company may often include a fund raising plan that Tasman Capital can facilitate.

Tasman Capital can also provide a listing plan for larger mature companies with major shareholders who may wish to exit in conjunction with a planned listing. The exit process can either be immediate or a gradual and managed process over a number of years where control is maintained. Alternatively, the owner/operator may not wish to exit at all but simply reduce day-to-day activity by permanently retaining a significant shareholding and board representation.

Tasman Capital can assist in arranging or structuring a transaction where several companies are combined to form a single entity. Tasman Capital can also structure a management buy-out or leveraged buy-out. Tasman Capital can help structure most forms of merger and acquisition transactions, with the added option of facilitating a listing and raising capital for growth or to buy-out exiting shareholders at an appropriate time.

Tasman Capital is an advocate for New Zealanders to invest in the New Zealand share market and directly own part of New Zealand Inc. Tasman Capital is also an advocate for great companies to list on our share market. We want to bring these companies to the market so that New Zealanders will have the opportunity to be shareholders in them and so that those companies can contribute to New Zealand's economic growth.

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